View the Nursery

See our beautiful space and watch as one of our little ones enjoys the materials and equipment in the room. 

About Our Nursery

Our staff and philosophy

Sunshine Fruits Nursery is based entirely on Montessori principles. This means that your child discovers the intrinsic value of learning; develops excellent communication and social skills; and shows problem solving and resilience beyond their years. 

Our staff are all trained or currently training in Montessori courses giving your child the highest quality care. 

How we welcome your child

The children at Sunshine Fruits Nursery are our number one priority and the only way we can give your child the best experience at our Nursery is when they feel comfortable, supported and encouraged. 

When a child joins us at Sunshine Fruits Nursery we hold a one-to-one session with you to understand your child's needs, current routines, preferences and current development.

Our relationship with you, our Parents

Sunshine Fruits are highly committed to keeping an open and two-way dialogue with you to best serve the needs of you and your child. 

Parent coffee meets are held monthly, you are regularly updated with your child's progress and you will be able to talk to your child's Key Person at the beginning and end of each day.