Your Child's Day

Daily Activities

Sunshine Fruits Nursery offers the full range of Montessori activities, covering Sensory learning, Maths, Language, Practical Life, Understand the World and Creativity. 


We offer a full and varied range of healthy food, all prepared on site. Your child will be involved in preparing and serving food.

Outdoor Play

We encourage children to discover nature and their outside environments and so offer varied opportunities for outdoor play, utilising local amenities.

Daily Activities

What it means to be a Montessori Nursery

Every single activity in the Sunshine Fruits Nursery is designed to engage your child in meaningful work that develops their skills. The activities are "self-correcting" meaning that it is clear to the child if they have made a mistake and can correct it themselves. For example in the image opposite all the cylinders will only fit in the case if each one has been placed correctly. If there is a cylinder which will not fit, the child will need to see which cylinder has been placed in the incorrect space. These types of exercises are excellent at allowing children to work independent and problem solve. 

Other than lunchtimes and outdoor play your child is free to chose their own activities with the support and encouragement of our staff. Your child is in their own space, and can work at what takes their interest. The benefit of this is that your child develops autonomy and is taught that their decisions matter and are supported by adults.

The activities all progress at the child's level. So for example, your child can choose a more challenging version of the activity or add two materials together to explore how they work.


Involving children with food

As well as providing highly nutritious and varied meals, prepared on site with fresh ingredients, Sunshine Fruits Nursery provides children with the opportunity to understand about food and to be involved in the food preparation process.

Sunshine Fruits Nursery provides a child-level kitchen in which children can wash food, prepare food such as dough and salad, and store food such as healthy snacks. Children can also prepare and pour drinks and assist with laying the table with child-friendly cups and bowls from their own kitchen. 

Children love 'playing adults' and we believe that a healthy attitude to food is strengthened by their engagement and involvement with food.

Outdoor Play

Discovering Nature

The outdoor world is there to be explored, and children are often fascinated by the things we pass by during a walk. We believe that children should be offered a chance to explore nature and be stimulated by their outside environment as much as possible. 

This is why we offer varied options for outdoor play, including planned outdoor activities, children's play areas, nature walks and the introduction of sports. We will always share with you our planned outdoor play activities and welcome more suggestions for introducing our children to another way that the world is a wonderful place to explore.